Interview with an MSSM Alumnus – Consulting for the Built Environment

EI’s State of the Planet blog has posted another interview with an MSSM Alum. This time it’s Eileen Quigley, who is working with fellow alums JD Capuano and Sami Abbay of Closed Loop Advisors. A quick quote:

My client is the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and I act as project manager for some of their large construction efforts. The project that I spend most of my time on is the build-out and move of the NRDC’s Chicago office. I communicate and coordinate among the client, architect, contractor, and office building management to ensure that the process goes smoothly and that every possible sustainability technique has at least been considered.

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Call for Submissions – New Student SUMA Publication

Interested in writing or editing for a new student SUMA publication?

A new student publication is being created for next semester. The goal of the publication is to illustrate our leadership potential, and detail who we are as a community. The collaborative document that will combine individual student submissions into a polished piece. This is your chance to help clarify Sustainability Management’s vision in one collective voice.

If you are interested in participating please indicate which area you would like to submit by taking the survey found in the link below:

Please complete this  NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 31st. If you do not want to write but still want to assist in editing and formatting, please also indicate your interest in the survey. Once the deadline for the survey has passed, participants will be provided with more information on how to structure submissions.

The  document is designed to detail student and alumni experience and thoughts regarding  five different areas, mirroring the five content areas of the program. The idea is to pull from your experiences in the field and in the classroom to provide concrete examples defining  the role of sustainability management within each of these areas and how this may look on a practical level. Each submission should be focused on one area, but can touch on other topics.

While submissions should be more informative than opinionated, there is space for your own critical analysis of the subject matter you are discussing and how it is driven by sustainability management with recommended actions for improvement moving forward.

Brooklyn Green Drinks – Wednesday, December 19th

Join your ecological comrades with a microbrew, free popcorn and an impromptu game of pinball. Fancy a disco face-off? Fire up the jukebox and break it down…enviro-style. Happy hour for Green Drinkers on Peak Organic, a stellar organic Maine brew, will last until 10pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Brooklyn Green Drinks
Wednesday, December 19th
High Dive, Park Slope
243 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215

SUMASA & ECO Fundraiser Donates to the Mayor’s Fund of NYC Sunday Hurricane Relief

Thank you to everyone who joined in to support the SUMASA & ECO Fundraiser for the Mayor’s Fund of NYC Sandy Hurricane Relief. Together we raised nearly $1,000 that will go directly to support immediate aid needs – including water, food, and hygiene supplies – as well as long-term relief and restoration efforts. One hundred percent of donations are being dispersed to relief organizations and their efforts.

Special thanks to Diana Beltran and Jenni Moon for taking the initiative to organize this event and the fun raffle prizes!