Board Candidates 2018-2019

Meet your newly-elected SUMASA Board for the 2018-2019 academic year!

Candidate for PRESIDENT: Sara Miltenberger

Sara Miltenberger is a M.S. Student and currently the SPSSG Representative for SUMA. She also works full-time Delos Living LLC and has a passion for integrating sustainable design and health. Her achievements as the SPSSG Rep include creating an open platform for information across the SUMA program, organizing a Leadership Coalition of Club Presidents to discuss goals and student run iniatives as well as designing and administering the SUMA Gear. She hopes to continue to expand on program development and build an engaging student culture as SUMASA President.
Sara is a graduate of Union College, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Policy. While completing her undergraduate degree, she wrote her senior thesis on the correlative relationship between the human disasters of the oil industry and national environmental policy development. She was also awarded a scholarship to research the built environment in Australia at the Bond University Mirvac School of Sustainable Development.  She bikes to work every day and when she isn’t passing out Patagonias to students, she volunteers as a foster dog parent with NYC Shiba Inu Rescue.

Candidate for VP OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS: Megan Ross
My name is Megan Ross and I’m your current SUMASA Editor-in-Chief, running for the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the 2018-2019 academic year.  After just two months in the position, I’m eager to build on the momentum we have in place.  Our web content is more focused and relevant, and with the support of the Communications team I’ve established a newsletter format that highlights opportunities offered by SUMASA, other SUMA student groups, Columbia, and New York at large.
After serving as SUMASA’s representative to SUMA’s Leadership Coalition this spring, it’s become clear to me that program-wide communications and student engagement are two opportunities for growth among our student population. I want to act as a bridge between students and faculty/administrators to enable a more effective connection and improve students’ capacities to take advantage of the opportunities that Columbia is and should be providing for its students. SUMA is challenged by the rapid turnover of some of its most active students, who typically finish the program in little more than a year and aren’t able to follow through long-term on the changes they implement.  I want to streamline and systematize processes within the board’s operations to improve our ability to serve students efficiently and meaningfully across transitions. I’m proud of my work ethic, I’m a team player, and I strive to bring professionalism and empathy to all that I do. I hope to have your support so that I may offer a forward-thinking, collaborative spirit to SUMASA in service to the students for the upcoming year.

Candidate for VP OF ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE: Beau Barbe

As a proud SUMA student for one and a half semesters, I have experienced the important impact of SUMASA within the SUMA eco-system. Now, I want to be a part of the SUMASA team to facilitate SUMASA’s mission. To take on the VP of Administration and Finance position, I know my previous experience and skills will help me succeed in fulfilling the board position’s duties. With regards to the administrative duties, in my professional and non-professional meetings, I have historically insisted on setting predetermined agendas with time constraints and having impeccable follow up minutes. This habitual ordering of meetings helps save time and bolster energy for the prioritized talking points. As Vice-Chair of the Beijing American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Young Professional Committee, I managed the meetings’ follow ups and also helped guide the team’s deliverables within AmCham’s overarching policies. For budgetary duties, my experience working for a Chinese hydroelectric asset company developed my skills in overseeing and managing a multimillion dollar budget across multiple country wide offices.

Once again, I sincerely wish to be a part of the SUMASA team to support its mission of helping SUMA students network and gain access to cool professional development opportunities. Thank you for your consideration. Beau for SUMASA!

Candidate for VP OF EVENTS: Evan Carfagno

Hello SUMAsters!

My name is Evan Carfagno and I am running for Vice President of Events. I wish to become the event coordinator for SUMASA because I love bringing groups together, especially our fellow SUMA students. I have event planning experience from serving as Membership and Marketing chair for the Rotaract Club of Ohio State.

As Membership and Marketing chair, I felt it was important to bring together socials and marketing. So my platform to make socials be our main marketing strategy.  Some of the most successful events I planned were a behind-the-scenes experience at Columbus Zoo, a trip to a haunted corn maze, and a rock climbing party.

I hope to bring my former expertise to create great mixers, dinners and other fun activities. Remember folks: a vote for Evan means events as good as heaven!

Candidate for CO-VP OF COMMUNICATIONS: Savannah Wilson

My name is Savannah and I am excited to be running for the new Co-VP of Communications for SUMASA. I am a highly organized and detail-oriented person with over two and a half years of experience with similar roles. I served as VP of Social Media and Secretary for the Society of Operations Management Students at the University of Alabama. I also served as the Event Coordinator for the INFORMS, or Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, student chapter. My roles in each consisted of communicating events and regulating social media pages with up-to-date pictures and schedules. I also aided with developing specific events and fundraisers for both groups. As the VP of Social Media and Secretary, I also helped plan weekly meetings with company guest speakers and get the word out among students to attend.
Before I even started the SUMA program, I knew that I wanted to get involved in the same way. I have always felt compelled to run for leadership positions to both help the student body and the specific program be the best it can be, as well as help myself grow within the program and university. If elected, I will make sure to bring fun and innovative new ideas to match our unique SUMA program. I want to help make SUMASA accessible, enjoyable, and relevant to everyone involved. I love being a part of this program and hope that I can be a part of the process to make it even better.

Candidate for SYMPOSIUM CHAIR: Maria Jose Guillen Gutierrez

After being involved as a volunteer for the event this semester, I realized I would like to be more involved in the planning of the Symposium and that is why I would like to run for Symposium Chair.

I have planned large events before, in college and in my previous job. A couple of the events I was involved in were held at the Harvard Club and at the Princeton Club here in New York City. I really like connecting people through conversations and the sharing of ideas and I believe the Symposium is a great event for this. As the Chair, I would ensure that the Symposium keeps on being the successful event everyone knows it to be and add improvements where we see the need based on the feedback of the previous event.

Positions of VP of Community Outreach and Editor-in-Chief will be absorbed by other board members until follow-up elections can be held.