Elections 2018-2019

Voting has closed for the 2018-2019 SUMASA Board positions.

Meet the Newly-Elected Candidates for SUMASA Board 2018-2019!


SUMASA board members are elected by the SUMA student body to represent and advocate on behalf of students, foster engagement across the SUMA community, and host meaningful professional development and networking opportunities. The elections for the 2018-2019 board will take place during the week of March 19-25.

CANDIDATE NIGHT | Thursday, March 22, 2018, 8:15 – 9:30 PM | Fairchild 601

All candidates will have the opportunity to give a 2-5 minute pitch to their classmates during a general assembly meeting. Depending on the number of candidates, there may be time for questions from voters in the audience.  There will be food!

ELECTIONS | Fri-Sun March 23-25, 2018 | ONLINE

Immediately following the Candidate Night event, members of the SUMA student body (current students only!) will have the opportunity to vote for candidates using an online platform.  See link at the top of this page when voting is active!

TRANSITION | Spring/Summer 2018

After the newly-elected board members are announced, a comprehensive transition process will begin and continue through the remainder of the Spring semester and, pending everyone’s schedules, through the Summer where there will be joint leadership by the incoming and outgoing boards. This is to ensure that the new board will be able to organize programming and hit the ground running in September with a strong start.


The following eight positions are open for election.  The Co-VP of Communications currently serving a Spring-to-Fall board term will remain on the board to ease transition.

Please click on the position title to see a full description.

President: The SUMASA President is the lead for organizing and collaborating with students, faculty, and administration. He/she is responsible for creating a productive student organization through effective management. This role is ideal for students with strong interpersonal and project management skills.

Vice President of Administration and Finance: The VP of Administration & Finance handles behind-the-scenes operations to support SUMASA’s strategic goals while fostering a fun, collaborative environment. This role is ideal for students who are deadline-driven, organizationally minded, and financially focused.

Vice President of Academic Affairs: The VP of Academic Affairs acts as the bridge between SUMA students, faculty and administration through collecting feedback, advocating to program administrators and faculty, and coordinating workshops which complement SUMA’s academics. This role is ideal for students with strong interpersonal and project management skills.

Vice President of Events: The VP of Events is responsible for coordinating on and off campus events to give students a forum to connect outside of the classroom. This role is ideal for students with interest in event logistics and strong organizational skills.

Vice President of Community Outreach: The VP of Community Outreach acts a liaison between SUMA and the sustainability opportunities that New York City offers across all sectors by organizing field visits and cultural events. This role is ideal for students who are outgoing, strong networkers, and always on the lookout for opportunities.

Co-Vice President of Communications: The Co-VP of Communications works with the existing VP as the student connection to all things SUMA, including managing social media platforms and event promotions. This role is ideal for students with strong organizational and writing skills and a love for social media.

Editor-in-Chief: The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for content development for the SUMASA Scoop newsletter and SUMASA website and for developing a content strategy to ensure that key information is in the hands of SUMA students and faculty. This role is ideal for students with strong writing skills and some experience with WordPress and Mailchimp.

Symposium Chair: The Symposium Chair is responsible for the design and implementation of the Annual Sustainable Perspective Symposium through organizing the Symposium Committee, coordinating with potential speakers, and setting up logistics for SUMASA’s flagship event.