2018 Symposium

Thank you for joining us!

As natural disasters and extreme weather events become more intense and frequent every year, there lies an opportunity and challenge to rethink and rebuild cities to survive, thrive, and combat the effects of climate change. This year’s Sustainable Perspective Symposium, Innovative and Resilient Cities, explores our roles as individuals and sustainability professionals in driving new concepts and programs in energy sourcing and efficiency, waste reduction and management, and outreach and behavioral change.

Join SUMASA, the student association for Columbia’s Sustainability Management (SUMA) program, as we learn about local and global efforts to develop more robust planning to anticipate response to an ever-changing environment. Our expert panels and featured presentations with industry leaders provide a dynamic forum for solutions-based conversations and actions.

See the list of speakers who were featured at the event.

Don’t miss the Student-led Workshop at 12:00pm: Talking Climate Change? Let Climate Talk!

How would you talk about climate science to your boss in an executive meeting?  Or to a group of policymakers?  Join your fellow sustainability students for a workshop on climate change communication.  We know the science — now let’s learn what to say and how to say it to drive change in everyday scenarios.