2019-2020 Board Applications


The following positions are open for election.

Please click on the position title to see a full description.

Vice President of Administration and Finance: The VP of Administration & Finance handles behind-the-scenes operations by overseeing SUMASA’s budget, supporting its strategic goals, and facilitating board activities. This role is ideal for students who are deadline-driven, organizationally minded, and financially focused.

Vice President of Events: The VP of Events is responsible for coordinating on- and off-campus events to give students a forum to connect outside of the classroom. This role is ideal for students with an interest in event logistics and strong organizational skills.

Symposium Chair: The Symposium Chair is responsible for the design and implementation of the Annual Sustainable Perspective Symposium through organizing the Symposium Committee, coordinating with potential speakers, and setting up logistics for SUMASA’s flagship event. This role is ideal for students with strong interpersonal, event planning, and project management skills.