When selecting your courses, please ensure that the courses you are selecting satisfy your remaining degree requirements by using and updating your degree audit form. You should maintain a copy of your degree audit form for your records. Contact your advisor if you need assistance.

For more course information:

  • Course syllabi are posted on the SUMA website curriculum page.
  • Course details & call numbers: Refer to the Directory of Classes.
  • Course Catalog: Refer to this Airtable
  • Course evaluations: Log in to Vergil and search for your course.
  • Faculty evaluations: Log in to Vergil and search for the faculty member in the dropdown in the upper right menu.
  • Course Speed Dating: Meet TAs to learn more about the class. First week of Fall and Spring semester, check your email/Slack for the invite. You can also ask questions in the Slack channel #classes.
  • Add/Drop Period: During the first two weeks of class, students can add and drop classes without penalty. This is a good opportunity to “shop” classes. More details here.

If you’ve chosen your classes & are ready to register, the How to Register page has instructions on how to use SSOL.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Note: Check with your advisor first.

  1. How do I find out “area” a non-SUMA class is classified as?
    Submit your degree audit form with 2 paragraphs explaining why a class should count for a certain area.
  2. Does we have to take all the credits in each of the five categories?
    You can ask for a certain class to count for a different area as long as you can provide justification for why and it gets approved.