The Living Wall Project

Join our efforts in creating a communal space for SUMA/SUSCI!

SUMASA began the Living Wall Project in order to create an on-campus space designated for SUMA/SUSC students. By building the Living Wall Project, not only does it allow for a space where SUMA/SUSC can congregate, but it also spotlights SUMA as a leading force in sustainability across the Columbia University ecosystem. 

Since fall 2021, we have been meeting with all necessary stakeholders needed to complete the Living Wall Project. Now, all pieces are in place in order for us to take the next big step to creating something meaningful for the SUMA community for generations to come. 

Wait, what’s so special about a living wall? Glad you asked!

There are many benefits to a green wall. Not only are they beautiful, but have been found to boost mental and physiological wellness. Plants will also help clean and cool the surrounding air, as well as dampen room noise levels. This green wall will become a centerpiece, attracting people and lightening the mood; bringing in communities and conversation. 

As of now, we have: 

  • Received support from our program and school’s admin 
  • Collaborated with CU Facilities. 
  • Collaborated with the Columbia 2030 Sustainability Plan. 
  • Partnered with Urbanstrong – a SUMA alumni founded company which specializes in green infrastructure. 
  • Identified locations on campus.

Our next steps: 

  • Develop a project plan 
  • Write a business plan 
  • Secure funding