Who We Are 

The Sustainability Management Student Association (SUMASA) is a student organization elected to represent the student body of the Columbia University Sustainability Management Master’s Program.  We strive to advocate on behalf of the students, foster community engagement, and provide meaningful development through academic and networking opportunities in an evolving sustainability industry.

SUMASA is the Student Association for Columbia University’s Master of Science in Sustainability Management program at the Earth Institute. The program is designed to equip sustainability leaders with the practical knowledge and cutting-edge skills required to effectively manage the complex opportunities and risks of sustainable development.

Columbia University’s Sustainability Management Student Association (SUMASA) exists to enhance the student experience both while at Columbia and as alumni. We do this by:

  1.  Advocating on behalf of the student body
  2.  Fostering community and engagement
  3.  Providing meaningful professional development and networking opportunities

SUMASA promises to be:

  • Representative and inclusive of the diverse backgrounds and needs of students
  • Prompt and responsive to questions, requests, suggestions and input
  • Trustworthy and accountable to those it represents
  • A catalyst in creating a fun and nurturing community