Meeting Spaces (Virtual & IRL)

Earth Institute Student Lounge
2910 Broadway Level A, New York, NY 10025
The lounge is downstairs. It’s small, but it’s a good place for study groups to meet. Sign-in required.

Slack Group
Email for an invitation to the Slack group. Find out what your classmates are up to! This is a good place to talk about classes, club events, news, jobs, and other interests. Alums welcome.

Student Groups

The SUMA community supports a variety of student groups to develop your interests, build your professional network, and apply your skills. Most student events are posted on the SPS Engage events page. We also recommend that you sign up for their newsletter or email list.

SUMA Groups:

Other Student Groups:

SPS & University Community

SPS Student Life provides services for SPS students. They also organize social, wellness, and resource support events. The Engage calendar includes these events as well as the student group events.

The Office of University Life provides support for student life (health, emergencies, public safety, and so on). They also host social events as well as wellness, inclusion, and support activities for the entire Columbia community: Office of University Life Events