Every Spring, SUMASA presents a Sustainable Perspectives Symposium, gathering leaders, practitioners, and professionals in the sustainability industry around a common theme.

Check out our 2023 version “The Annual Sustainability Symposium: Closing in on 2030”,  or review highlights from previous symposium events:

2022 Symposium – Change the System, Change the Future

2020 Symposium – Climate Leadership: Disrupting Business As Usual

2019: Real World Applications in Sustainability

2018: Innovative and Resilient Cities

2017: Impacting Behavior for a Sustainable Society

2016: Driving Sustainability: Who’s Responsible?

2015: Measuring Sustainability: If You Can’t Measure It, How Can You Improve It?

2014: Sustainable Leadership: If You Lead, Will They Follow?

2013: The Systems Approach

2011: Leadership and Innovation