Interview with “Creative Conservationist” Asher Jay

Asher Jay is a National Geographic emerging explorer and self-described "creative conservationist". She uses art, poetry, sculpture, animation, online media, and her sheer force of personality to help save the planet. She has dedicated her career to raising awareness of biodiversity loss and the importance of sustainable development. Her art has been used in conservation campaigns for rhinos, elephants, lions, tigers, sea turtles and more.

Interview with Diana Sierra, co-founder of Be Girl

Diana Sierra co-founded of Be Girl, a social enterprise that designs and manufactures reusable, washable and high performance period panties and sanitary pads. They have pilot their product in more than 12 countries and are ready to launch in the US. Previously, Diana built her career in industrial design as a consultant, working for almost 10 years … Continue reading Interview with Diana Sierra, co-founder of Be Girl

Interview with Marisol Rodriguez, founder of SHAREnergy

Marisol Rodriguez is a design consultant with over 8 years of experience in product innovation, consumer research, prototyping, and business model generation methodologies. Holding an M.S. in Sustainability Management ’15 from Columbia University, she most recently consulted for World Resources Institute, Oxfam and WWF through her capstone and graduation projects; her social enterprise SHAREnergy, an initiative incubated within … Continue reading Interview with Marisol Rodriguez, founder of SHAREnergy

Interview with vegetable farmer Yoko Takemura

YOKO TAKEMURA (SUMA alumni ’13) has leveraged her network and studies to land her dream job - working on a vegetable farm. She seeks to create sustainability through farming and has ambitious goals of starting her own efficient, small-scale farm. Yoko is the real deal and a true a leader in sustainability. She reminds us that … Continue reading Interview with vegetable farmer Yoko Takemura

SUMASA Board Election Results 2016-2017

The official results of the 2016-2017 SUMASA Board elections are in. The elected candidates for SUMASA 2016 – 2017 are the following: President – Cheryl Poccia VP of Academic Affairs – Leticia Valadez VP of Communications – Jordan Chan VP of Communications – Amanda Stevens VP of Events – Hilary Osborn VP of Community Outreach … Continue reading SUMASA Board Election Results 2016-2017