Interview Series

Women&Sustainability  delves deeper into the stories of women in sustainability. We decided to launch an interview series with women leaders in the field in order to understand how they found their way into successful sustainability careers, and to hear their tips and inspirations for other women. Read on for stories from  inspiring women who are working to create a more sustainable world, each in their own unique way. 

Asher profile
Asher Jay

Asher Jay is a national geographic emerging explorer and self-described “creative conservationist”. She uses art, poetry, sculpture, animation, online media, and her sheer force of personality to help save the planet. She has dedicated her career to raising awareness of biodiversity loss and the importance of sustainable development.



Diana Sierra co-founded Be Girl, a social enterprise that designs and manufactures reusable, washable and high performance period panties and sanitary pads. Read the full interview here


Marisol Rodriguez

Marisol Rodriguez, a design consultant and SUMA Alumni, launched SHAREnergy, a virtual energy grid connecting the developed and developing world. “Every second of saved power in a city can translate to a life-changing opportunity”. Read the full interview here



Yoko Takemura

Yoko Takemura landed her dream job after graduating from the SUMA program, working on a vegetable farm. She seeks to create sustainability through farming and has ambitious goals to create her own, efficient, small-scale farm. Discover how Yoko is transitioning from city life to farm life, and her mission to find happiness by getting her hands dirty. Read the full interview here