Lauren Yarmuth on Sustainability for Smart Business

Watch Lauren Yarmuth, LEED Faculty for USGBC, principal at YR&G who is teaching the course CNAD4130 Green Building and sustainability: Tools and Techniques speak about state of sustainability in the business environment.


Lauren Yarmuth.

Lauren Yarmuth teaches “Green Building and Sustainability: Tools and Techniques” in the Construction Administration graduate program at Columbia’s School of Continuing Education and is co-founder and principal of YR&G. With over ten years of experience spearheading the sustainability industry, she is a recognized leader skilled at helping people, companies, buildings, and communities to implement and benefit from sustainability-focused solutions.

An architect by training, Yarmuth applies her diverse project experience and whole-systems perspective to enable teams of people to develop creative approaches to realize greater success in their work. This process draws upon Yarmuth’s skills in teaching, facilitating an integrative process, and inspiring people to engage with their work and surroundings in more meaningful ways.

Yarmuth is also a celebrated presenter, educator, and facilitator. She is LEED Faculty for USGBC, and she teaches at various colleges and universities including as faculty at Columbia University and New York University.

She has worked with the LEED Rating System since its inception including supporting hundreds of projects nationally and internationally to earn LEED certification, and as a technical consultant to USGBC for project certification reviews, credit interpretation (CIR) responses, reference guide content development, and training curriculum.

Source: MSSM Program Website