Have you taken Ethics and Values for Sustainability Management?

Prof. Adela Gondek has shared a PDF flyer for her course SUMA K4700: Ethics and Values for Sustainability Management.

Effective sustainability management requires us to establish, frame and articulate organizational goals in a way that accommodates and respects our ethics and values according to Professor Adela Gondek, who first gave this particular class last year but has been teaching Ethics at Columbia for twenty years now. She has designed and taught ethics with distinct emphases on sustainability, environmentalism, public leadership and organizational management.

According to current SUMA student, Saami Sabiti, this is a very unique class in a very unique setting. “Students that have taken this class have often reported having advanced understanding of the many dimensions of sustainability management and a set of new professional skills. I agree with that and can say that I gained a lot from this class.”

Download: Ethics and Values Flyer Fall 2012.