Current Student and Alumni SUMASA Publication – Sign up by January 16th

Interested in writing or editing for a new student SUMA publication?

A new student publication is being created for spring semester 2013. The goal of the publication is to illustrate our leadership potential, and detail who we are as a community. The collaborative document will combine individual student submissions into a polished piece. This is your chance to help clarify Sustainability Management’s vision in one collective voice.

The document is designed to detail students’ and alumni’s experiences and thoughts regarding five different areas, mirroring the five content areas of the program. The idea is to pull from your experiences in the field and in the classroom to provide concrete examples that define the role of sustainability management within each of these areas. We want people to see how sustainability management looks on a practical level. Each submission should be focused on one area, but can touch on other topics.

While submissions should be more informative than opinionated, there is space for your own critical analysis of the subject matter you are discussing and how it is driven by sustainability management with recommended actions for improvement moving forward.

The document will also include a Foreword from an outside expert, an Introduction from the SUMASA board, a Review from a previous capstone client, and a Conclusion from the SUMASA board. Every submission will be published; those that do not end up in the final document will be featured on a weekly basis on the SUMASA blog and in the weekly SUMASA newsletter.

The finished product will be published online, and with luck will be made available in print for the Spring Symposium. Submissions will be 900 words or less.

If you are interested in participating please indicate which area you would like to submit by taking the survey found in the link below:

Please complete this NO LATER THAN JANUARY 16th. If you do not want to write but still want to assist in editing and formatting, please also indicate your interest in the survey. Once the deadline for the survey has passed, participants will be provided with more information on how to structure submissions.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at