Women & Sustainability: Communications and Team Leadership Workshop, Tuesday, March 12th

Please join the Women and Sustainability Group for a workshop on: “Enhancing your Communications and Team Leadership skills.” on Tuesday, March 12th at 8:15pm. Location 309 Hamilton. Please RSVP here.

As women in sustainability, communication and team leadership skills are critical for establishing yourself in the industry.

Learning how to write and communicate a compelling value proposition as well as take advantage of the diversity of members in your immediate or wider team are two examples of enhancing these skills.
Please join returning workshop speaker Mary Sue Clark, in discussing techniques and strategies to get your point across confidently and effectively and how to take advantage of team settings.

The workshop will cover:

  • A High Level Summary of “Writing and Communicating a Compelling Value Proposition” with Q&A
  • A Demonstration of a “Paradigm Shift” and why it is important when leading teams or trying to influence decisions (such as sustainability recommendations, as an example)
  • General Q&A, regarding topics of interest to you, from recommendations regarding job hunting to interviewing and resumes.

Mary Sue Clark is a Senior Sales & Marketing Executive with 25+ years of successful Sales, Marketing and Business Development with Fortune 500 companies. She is currently serving on the Board of Advisors for Sansur Renewables and is a member of Southface in Atlanta, GA. She is the founder of a new company currently being launched with a focus on Women in Green.

In addition, her ability to write and deliver compelling value propositions has enabled her to build strong relationships with leading multi-national brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, Xerox, and others. This has also enabled her to develop technology strategies for all size organizations, both domestically and internationally.Since wireless technologies are being used worldwide to support sustainability initiatives, the combination of her experience in both technology and sustainability are truly valuable in this space. Her award winning product development on a national scope has demonstrated her ability to map solutions to business drivers of different industries. She holds a Masters degree in Administration from Auburn University as well as a MBA from the University of South Florida.