Introducing the Columbia Graduate Council’s Global Issues Groups!

The Columbia Graduate Council is pleased to announce its newest initiative, the Global Issues Groups (GIGs)!

The GIGs are a new way for Columbia’s graduate students to find others across all of Columbia’s graduate schools who share their passions and who want to collaborate for a better tomorrow.  Students can join these groups to share information, ideas, research projects, events, contacts, jobs, etc. with fellow students who are interested in the same areas but aren’t necessarily at the same graduate school.

These initial nine Global Issues Groups are being rolled out to all Columbia’s graduate schools within the next two weeks.  Just click each link to join the groups.

The GIG areas were chosen not only for their breadth, multidisciplinary focus, and wide appeal across Columbia, but also because they represent major global trends of the next decade.  By looking to the future and collaborating today, the Columbia Graduate Council hopes to help our students work together to create impact of global potential.

If there are specific areas you’d like to see covered in the next round of GIGs, post a comment or send us a message at our Facebook page –

We hope you’ll join us and your fellow students in this exciting new initiative!

-The Columbia Graduate Council

(The Columbia Graduate Council is a coalition of student leaders from all of Columbia’s graduate schools, whose mission is to foster relationships among student communities, student groups, and elected student leaders, in an effort to integrate Columbia’s graduate schools.  Like our Facebook page at!)