Book Swap – Happy Hour!

Nympho_librarianIICongratulations on registering for SUMA Fall 2013! Currently we’re in the Add/Drop period, which some of you know as “Shopping for Classes”. Friday September the 13th of 2013 is the last day to make any class changes in the

By now you pretty much know what classes you’ll be taking. Join us for the Book Swap – Happy Hour event, to support your classmates find textbooks. This event helps connect SUMA students who have taken a class, with students who will be
taking the class. It is the perfect location to swap, exchange, trade, sell, donate or recommend books.

SUMASA is happy to coordinate a time and place for the Book Swap. We will not participate in the actual exchange of any books between one person and another.

One thought on “Book Swap – Happy Hour!

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