Volunteer / Mentourship opportunity with The High School for Math, Science and Engineering

Volunteer / Mentourship opportunity  with The High School for Math, Science and Engineering

SUMASA students have the opportunity to with high school students from The High School for Math, Science and Engineering (one of the high-level “specialized” NY high schools). This is a mentorship opportunity for the SUMA students. The high school is on 138th Street and Convent Avenue (i.e. walking distance). It has a really interesting interdisciplinary curriculum that uses art and architecture to work across the fields of math, science and engineering. They have a strong sustainability focus.

There are many ways this opportunity could work. The school, in conjunction with Lynnette Widder, will set up a meetings to discuss how SUMASA students can be involved; anything from presentations about your work (inside or outside the program) to establishing an after school sustainability “club”.

Please let us know if you’re interested in participating. Send an email to academic-affairs@sumasa.org before the 30th of October 2013.


*For students interested in teaching at some future point; this could be a lot of fun.


The School’s website is: http://www.hsmse.org/

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