Looking to Build a Team: USL Technology

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship @ Columbia: The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, Columbia Business School is sponsoring a program that helps current entrepreneurs attending CU to build commercial enterprises around entrepreneurial ideas and intellectual property at no cost to the students.

The journey from idea to viable venture requires significant research, financial analysis, legal work, and, in many cases, technical or scientific knowledge. The program at Columbia University provides a platform to explore and develop these ideas by leveraging the cross-functional capabilities, knowledge, and intellectual capacity of the University at large. In the fall of 2013, faculty members, staff members, and students from across the University were invited to compete for admission to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program

Join our team if you’re looking for a career in smart energy management and efficiency strategies focusing on: assessment and surveying existing conditions; developing technical solutions; project planning; resource estimates and value proposition; cost case and preparation of proposal presentations; presenting and explaining the solution to the customer.

For more details email fjabbie@usltechnologyconsulting.com. Please send resume and cover letter as well. Visit http://www8.gsb.columbia.edu/innovation/program-benefits to learn more about the Innovation Entrepreneur program.

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