SUMASA wants you to look good!


Join us: Saturday the 8th of February 2014 at 12:00 pm (noon), for a photo shoot session at Columbia University! The photographer is a SUMA student, who is really excited to contribute.

Background – We’ll offer three different backgrounds: inside the SIPA building 5th floor next to the central glass patio, library (TBD) and outdoors (TBD). In all options the background will be blurred out.

Dress code – In a manner appropriate for your field, solid dark colors like blue or black are recommended. Avoid wearing too much makeup, distracting hairstyles, too much jewelry and strapless tops.

Cost: SUMA students $5 donation; all others $25 dollar donation.


Important! The sign-up period closes Friday the 7th of February at noon. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email confirming your appointment.

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