For a Spiritual Experience through Exploring the Himalayas: Click Here

Global Himalayan Expedition 2014 promises is spread over 11 days, packed with all kinds of action, from setting-up a micro-grid in a Himalayan village, to trekking, cycling and rafting in the mountains, to camping in some of the most picturesque locations in the world.

The Himalayas have always been the force inspiring and guiding humanity ahead. Right from the early Gods of Hinduism, to many great Buddhist saints, and recently the greatest idols of the Music and Technology world like the Beatles and Steve Jobs, all have drawn from these mountains a great deal of what they later gave back to the world .The purpose of this expedition is to have the Holistic Himalayan Experience, stretching across pure adventure and cultural connect with the local communities to setting up sustainable energy and education based infrastructure in these remote regions. We don’t see ourselves in the field of running expeditions; we see ourselves as facilitators, whose job is to create a fertile environment for future growth and collaborations, for both the participants and the hosts. Dubbed as the Adventure Pilgrimage, we just try to get you to the mountains, and let the peaks inspire you.

Visit: Global Himalayan Expedition.

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