Don’t Be Sad, Flying Ace! & Field Trip: A Climate Cabaret

The Theater at the 14th Street Y

New York City, NY

Nov 2nd at 11AM

This play, which is based of the Peanuts cartoons, is an artistic collaboration between theater arts and the sciences in order to better communicate Climate Change issues. Purchase tickets here!

Act I (45 min)
DON’T BE SAD, FLYING ACE! is a duet performance exploring how people respond in the face of extreme climatic events. Perched on the roof of his small house, armed only with a typewriter and a rare imagination, a dog attempts to adapt after a hurricane that left him stranded and floating far away from home. Inspired by Charles Shultz’ iconic beagle Snoopy, incorporating leading climate science and featuring live music and unique physicality, DON’T BE SAD, FLYING ACE! is a multi-disciplinary tour-de-force arousing hope for a changing world. Created by eco-theater artist Jeremy Pickard, Azerbaijani-American collaborative theater director Simón Adinia Hanukai and French-American musician and environmental policy expert Jonathan Camuzeaux in collaboration from climate scientists of Columbia University Earth Institute.

Act II (30 min)
FIELD TRIP: A CLIMATE CABARET is a musical adventure celebrating the value of collaboration and revealing science as a creative and intrepid process. Set in a wilderness base camp where seven extraordinary women of climate science have gathered to share ideas, FIELD TRIP features original songs, dance and poetry that together offer a uniquely hopeful view of our changing world.  Inspired by the lives and work of climate scientists Katherine Allen, Nicole Davi, Christine McCarthy, Dorothy Peteet, Cynthia Rosenzweig, Katherine Thompson and Kirsteen Tinto of Columbia University Earth Institute and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Conceived and directed by Jeremy Pickard. Music by Erato A. Kremmyda and Maggie-Kate Coleman. Text by Alice Pencavel.

Both performances appropriate (and intended) for audiences of all ages.  Bringing kids?  Best for ages 5+.

Presented as part of Marfa Dialogues NY.

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