Check out the upcoming events at Agrion Global Network!

Agrion is a global business network connecting professionals focusing on energy, cleantech and corporate sustainability. Each week, their offices host online and onsite conferences to facilitate collaboration within the industry. Upcoming New York onsite and online meetings are listed below:

  • Supply Chain: Tools and Strategies for Leveraging Relationships and Driving Better Business
  • Utilities 2.0: The Role of DG and DR in Evolving Utility Business Models
  • Achieving Zero Net Energy Goals in California
  • Sustainability in the Data Center: Innovations in Metrics and Technology
  • Eco-Design: Tools and Strategies for Measuring Impacts
  • New York city’s 125MW Need for Peak Demand Reduction…
  • Optimizing Opportunity in Energy Efficiency Financing

For more information about these events and the organization click here, Agrion.

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