Earth Hour 2014 in NYC: “Disconnecting for Good” on March 29th

This year in New York City, you are invited to come and celebrate “Disconnecting for Good,” inspired by WWF’s Earth Hour on March 29th.

As part of Earth Hour’s call to turn off the lights for one hour on March 29th, we invite you to switch off your lamps at home and join us at Destination Bar. The idea is simple: take a few hours to come out and hang out with friends, play board games, have a few drinks, and put away your phone. It’s not rocket science, just a way to be more conscious of how dependent we are on energy and technology and realizing that we can do without – even more so when it can help raise awareness around electricity use and the importance of caring for our planet.

Join us on Saturday 29 March 7-9pm at Destination Bar on 13th and A for board games, drinks, and reconnecting with friends (or making new ones!) without a smartphone interface.

RSVP on EventBrite or on Facebook, and feel free to spread the word!

EventBrite link:

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